Thursday, August 11, 2016

The "bad Donald" just keeps getting worse

MBNBC's Chris Hayes is the news show I watch most consistently, not only because he presents excellent commentators in their area of expertise, but also because neither he nor his guests insult the intelligence of their listeners.    The only exceptions are those guests who come on to defend or explain Donald Trump, who seem to think that MSNBC audiences are just as gullible and uninformed as Trump's rally crowds.    Otherwise, this is intelligent news analysis. 

The MSNBC field reporter, who has been following the Trump campaign from the beginning and frequently reports in live, is Katy Tur.   She's bright, informed, and articulate.   I always look forward to her reporting in from the field.

Katy herself made news today, because Donald Trump retaliated against her, turning his rally crowd against her.   He didn't like what she has written about him, so he pointed her out to his crowd, saying:   “What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was. Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

Hullabaloo's "digby" reported watching this on TV: 
"The crowd of Trump supporters turned so fiercely against Katy Tur that she says the Secret Service had to protect her while she was walking to her car, simply to keep her safe. She’s referring to it as an “extraordinary step.” The agents are specifically tasked with protecting people such as Presidential nominees, and it is in fact rare that they would feel compelled to protect a reporter due to the unsafe situation she’d been placed in by the candidate they’re protecting. . . .

"[Trump] knows very well what he's doing. He's intimidating people, especially women, into going easy on him by threatening to sic his violent cretins on  them. There was no other reason to publicly name her."
OK.    If digby is right and he's doing this intentionally, is it only that he's trying to intimidate people from speaking out against him?    Or can't help himself?   Or could there be a deeper, and even more disturbing, motive?    Like distracting everyone from asking probing questions about his connections to Putin and the Russian oligarchs?

More about this later. 


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