Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump's response to "Letter from 50" shot down

Regarding the brutal but spot-on letter from 50 former national security officials calling Donald Trump unfit and dangerous as commander-in-chief (see 8/9 post), Trump lashed back saying these are the people who got us into the mess the world is in today, especially the war in Iraq.   So don't listen to them.

First, you can't have it both ways, Donald.   If that's your claim, then you can't also blame "the mess" on Obama.  These people worked in Republican administrations long before Obama's time.

Second, as pointed out by John Bellinger III who drafted the Letter for the 50:  "We agreed to focus on Trump's fitness to be president, not his substantive positions."

So your defense is irrelevant, Donald.   Loser !!

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