Friday, September 30, 2016

And did the dog eat your homework too, Donny?

What a sight to behold !!   Donald Trump losing the debate and trying to spin it.

Apparently he really thought he won, initially.   So in the spin room he told reporters that Lester Holt "did a great job" and had been "very fair."   Or maybe he had doubts, since he complained about the "bad mic."  Then others began trying to break the news to him.  At first he got angry and ordered aides to go out and "Say that I won the debate."    Then the real polls came out and he had to rev up his excuses and change his tune about Lester Holt.   

Now, 3 days later, he is in full whine.  "I had to fight the anchor all the time on everything I said.   What a rigged deal" -- accusing Holt of being biased against him.    Holt did confront him more than he did Clinton -- because Trump lied, over and over, about things that have been fact-checked and are not matters of opinion.

But Trump cannot admit his failures.   He has to blame someone else -- and he doesn't do damage control either.  He only knows how to make it worse.   That's what we're seeing right now.


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