Friday, September 30, 2016

Donald Trump by Charles Pierce and Steve Brodner

From an article by Charles Pierce on Politics in Esquire magazine.  Drawing by Steve Brodner.

". . . [H]ow anyone could have watched the proceedings at Hofstra on Monday night and not seen a complete bloodbath is beyond me. There were two presidents on that stage. One was Hillary Rodham Clinton and the other one was Lester Holt. There also was a curiosity—a walking YouTube comment thread who knew nothing, cared less, and didn't even notice when he was setting his own feet on fire.

"This was true 21st century Know-Nothingism. He plainly had not done even the most rudimentary preparation for the most important political night of his life. He spent the whole night drunk on the applause he's had from his frothing, adoring public over the past 18 months. His entire appearance was an insult to his supporters, to the audience, to everyone watching at home, and to the entire concept of democratic governance going back to Pericles. He is running for president as a guy who doesn't care enough to do the real work.

"And, whatever you may think about HRC, she gave you all the respect of actually preparing for the debate. The examples are numerous and almost beyond belief."  -- Charles Pierce
Update:   As further evidence of how out of touch he is with his failure -- or how incapable he is of tolerating failure -- Trump has been trumpeting the online "polls," claiming that he won in all of them.   The fact is that those are not polls;   they are voluntary online surveys where you can "vote" as many times as you're willing to keep redoing the survey.

On the polls with any validity, Clinton beat him handily.  An average of seven different polls showed her beating him by 27%, with the difference between them ranging from 11% in one poll up to 32% difference in another.  In another delusion, Trump has reportedly been berating his aides and surrogates to stop acknowledging that he needs to improve, insisting that they go out and proclaim that he won the debate.


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