Friday, September 30, 2016

PPP post debate polls good news for Clinton

In a post-debate poll in five battle-ground states, results are good news for Clinton.   This is from Public Policy Polling, one of the more respected in terms of methodology.    These are not "who won the debate" but "who would you vote for" questions.

Colorado:   Clinton leads by 7 points in a two way race (51% to 44%) and by 6 points in a four-way race (46%-40%-6%-2%)
Florida:  Clinton leads by 3 points in a two way race (48% to 45%) and by 2 points in a four way race (45%-43%-3%-2%).
North Carolina:  Clinton leads by 4% (49% to 45%) or by 2% (44%-42%-7%).
Pennsylvania:  Clinton leads by 5% (49% to 44%) or by 6% (45%-39%-6%-2%).
Virginia:   Clinton leads by 6% (49% to 43%) or by 6% (46%-40%-7%-1%).

Another important finding in this post-debate poll was that there seems to be movement from the minor candidates toward Clinton, especially with younger voters.


Update Friday noon:   Another post-debate swing state poll from Suffolk University polling has come in.   Of likely voters, Clinton now has a 6% lead in Nevada, 44% to 38% with 7% for Johnson.   In their last Nevada poll, she led by 2%.

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