Sunday, October 16, 2016

Additions to the Clinton endorsements

More newspaper endorsements for Hillary Clinton:    The Washington Post and the Boston Globe, two of the nation's most influential large city dailies.  And thanks to my friend Wally Buckner for sending me the editorial from the Birmingham News, another courageous paper from a conservative part of the country that's breaking tradition to endorse Clinton.   To readers for whom, they acknowledge, "it will be a bitter pill to swallow," they write:

"The 2016 election is not a choice between two candidates equally fit to serve;  or a choice between the ideology of two parties.  Trump is a unique threat . . . [and] we see but one option.  Clinton may be the second-least popular major party candidate in 50 years, but she is also one of the most qualified candidates in history.  And ultimately, if it isn't her, it's him.  And that would be a disaster for America and the world."  -- the Editors.


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