Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Melania Trump talks about her husband on CNN

Anderson Cooper aired his interview with Melania Trump on CNN. She came across as poised and confident, portraying a marriage of two independent, strong individuals.   She says her husband has apologized to her for the tape, and she has forgiven him.   She asks that we do the same.    She says of the tape, "I was surprised, because this is not the man that I know."  She blames Billy Bush for "egging him on" and likens their talk to two teen-age boys talking.  (Trump was 59 and Bush was 33 at the time.)   She blames the media for distorting his image and thinks it's part of a conspiracy.

Someone only hearing this interview would not recognize the angry, yelling, rabble-rouser who feeds red meat to the crowds at his rallies and incites fighting.  In Melania's description, I do not recognize the man who lies constantly and who threatens some of the foundations of our democracy.   She seems not to know the demagogue, the would-be tyrant, who wants to wield the powers of the presidency to punish his enemies and silence his critics.

I can believe that Melanie's Donald exists.   Perhaps she brings out the best in him.  But she apparently does not believe that the Donald we see, day after day, debate after debate, also exists.  


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