Tuesday, November 1, 2016

David Plouffe: Clintons path to WH is "rock solid."

David Plouffe was the genius who managed Barack Obama's presidential bids with cutting edge use of digital data, analysis, and precision strategic planning.   If anyone knows electoral vote strategy better than Plouffe, they haven't shown up yet.    He knows it down to the precinct level.  

Several weeks ago, Plouffe was on MSNBC as a guest, and he was unshakable in his assurance that Hillary Clinton has a clear, almost-impossible-to-lose electoral path to the White House.   On Sunday, he sent out this tweet, in response to the FBI Director James Comey's political hand grenade:

"Clinton path to 300+ rock solid.  Structure of race not affected by Comey's reckless irresponsibility. Vote and volunteer, don't fret or wet."

His 300+ refers to electoral votes;   270 are required to win.


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