Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mea cupla

In my October 30th post, about Georgia amendments on the ballot, I made a mistake in what I said about Amendment 3, in the last two paragraphs.

I thought the amendment had to do with an ethics commission that dealt with complaints against elected officials.   It turns out that, instead, it is the Judicial Qualifications Commission, which deals only with state court judges, their qualifications and performance in office. It is about qualifications and ethics, but only judges, not other elected officials.  That's a different commission.

It doesn't change my argument, however.   From what I now know, the presently constituted JQC does not function well and perhaps needs to be reformed.   But the solution should not be taking the power to fill three seats away from the state bar association and giving it to the legislature.  That would be replacing professionals (lawyers) with policitians, and likely make it even more of a political mess than it is now.


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