Saturday, May 20, 2017

Breaking News: It feels like the dam is just about to break.

1.  Comey will testify in open session for the Senate Intelligence Committee on May 29th.

2.  Back during the campaign, sources have told CNN, Russians bragged that they had cultivated a relationship with Michael Flynn that would allow them to use him to influence Donald Trump.

3.  The New York Times reported more of Trump's Oval Office conversation with the Russians.   According to their sources, "Trump told Russian officials that he felt 'great pressure because of Russia' that he said was taken off when he fired FBI Director Comey."    Leaving aside the incriminating content, that is not the tone or the kind of language that you would use with foreign officials, unless you already had a collusive relationship with them.

4.  The Washington Post also had a shocker:   They reported that federal investigators are looking at a senior White House official as a "significant person of interest" who is "close to the president."  Speculation is that it's Jared Kushner, since he had an undisclosed meeting with the head of the Putin-controlled state bank.

5.  Sources say that Deputy AG Rosenstein is the one who told senators that the FBI investigation is now also looking into a possible cover-up.    They have a lot to work with, just in the news yesterday.

6.  Jennifer Williams has just written a piece for titled:  "The 'Muslim ban' president is about to give a speech on Islam.   In Saudi Arabia.   What could go wrong?"   It's being written by aide Stephen Miller, one of the architects of Trump's "Muslim ban," who also has a long history of espousing anti-Muslim views.   Right, what could possibly go wrong?

And the next day Trump goes to Israel.   And then on to the Vatican to meet Pope Francis.   Then G7 and NATO.  There are so many opportunities for a gaffe, a display of ignorance, an insensitivity.    What genius decided this was a good way to introduce Trump on the world stage?


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