Friday, May 19, 2017

Opportunity . . . and huge risk

An unnamed Republican strategist discussed with HuffWorldPost the opportunity and the huge risks of President Trump's upcoming trip (leaving Friday) to meet with Saudi, Israeli, and Palestinian leaders.   He will meet with NATO leaders, a G7 group, and with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

The strategist said, "“This is their time to shine, to show Americans and the world that the White House isn’t becoming a circus of errors.”

The flip side of that is that it is also a risky time that might, instead, show Act III of the White House circus.   Trump has such a paltry understanding in depth of the complexity of international affairs -- and here he will be talking about virtually half of the world's problems in one trip.   

Further, his limitations make it difficult for staff and experts to educate him.   Staff speak about him as you would a child with learning disabilities.   He won't (or can't) read briefing books, with his five-minute attention span.  He insists on one-page summaries and then thinks he knows all he needs to know, crediting his brilliance with allowing him to absorb it all quickly.   Then he goes out and makes stupid mistakes that an entry-level staff aide would not make.  Staff describe how they make sure to include his name as often as possible in written briefs, since he tends to read only paragraphs that mention his name.

Frankly, if this is all true -- and there is no evidence to suggest it is not -- then I believe this is enough in itself to invoke removal from office under the 25th Amendment that justifies removal on the basis that a president is unable to carry out the duties of the office.   The problem:   the VP and a majority of his cabinet members have to say so, and it's got to get a lot worse before that happens.


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