Thursday, October 13, 2016

Further evidence of a Trump-Russia link

Evidence is building that Russia is actively trying to influence the election of Donald Trump.   Advisers with major connections with pro-Russian oligarchs.  Trump with business connections himself in Russia.   The bromance with Putin.   The hacking of DNC and Clinton campaign emails that the FBI has now confirmed were done by Russian government-backed hackers.

Now there's presumptive evidence that the Trump campaign had advance knowledge of what was going to be in those hacked Clinton campaign emails.  How did they get this?   Roger Stone, that evil gadfly who flits around the edges of the Trump campaign, told John Podesta months ago that his emails, specifically, were going to be exposed.   How did he know?   Stone said he had "been in touch" with Wikileaks Julian Assange who is distributing them.

The only question seems to be:   is there a direct line between the Trump campaign and Russia?   Or just an indirect line through several intermediaries?  And is the Trump campaign an active participant, or just the passive recipient?  Whatever, we have to make sure that Trump and his band of deplorables (and I do mean Bannon, Bossi, Ailes, and Stone) never get near the White House and the Situation Room.


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