Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Some debate trivia

1.  For the debate, Melania Trump wore a hot pink, crepe de chine blouse with a bow that tied high up on the throat, with ends trailing down the front.   Some fashion wag spotted it as identical to the one advertised by Gucci as a "pussy-bow, crepe de chine shirt" for $1,100.  Pussy-bow, huh?   Was this fashion choice really an unintended coincidence, as Melania's later statement claimed?    Or was it a sly taunt to those making a big deal about her husband's locker room talk?   And, BTW, several pro athletes have weighed in, saying that is not the kind of talk they do in the locker room.

2.  Debate coach Todd Graham on CNN graded the debaters:
                                                                                       Clinton     Trump
Interaction with questioners                                  A                C
Personality/Warmth/Humor/Non-verbal         B +            C -
Substance                                                                       B -              F
Persuasiveness                                                             B    C
Overall grade                                                                B  D+
3.   As usual, Trump complained that he wasn't being treated fairly, that Clinton was being given more time;  but a time-keeper later showed the actual clocking:  Trump talked for 1 minute and some seconds longer than Clinton overall.   He also whined that the moderators kept interrupting him and not her.   My answer to that is:   Because you weren't answering their questions or you needed to be fact-checked.   Ok, Donny, we know you don't believe in fact-checking.   But the real world does.

4.  On DailyKos, "Leslie in KY" comments about Trump's snuffling during the debate, which was even worse than during the first one. Leslie is a speech pathologist and states that this is not cocaine or allergies or a problem to be solved with breath training.   This is a classic symptom of anxiety.   After all, he's a "deeply insecure human who is on a debate stage with the most qualified person ever to run for POTUS . . . and it is a woman to boot." 


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