Saturday, October 15, 2016

Powerful imagery of the Republican party and its "stillborn candidate"

Richard North Patterson is a novelist and contributing opinion writer for Huffington Post, whose essays are always rewarding.   This is the final paragraph from his Oct. 11th entry, "Beyond Debate: The Squalid Meltdown Of Donald Trump."

"Never has a political party so richly earned its plight. For months the GOP insisted that this comprehensively ignorant, mentally unstable, narcissistic, racist and misogynist moral midget would save us from the horror of Hillary Clinton. But the real horror is theirs alone, and it is too late for them to escape him. This is not merely poetic justice, it is outright operatic — a soulless, choiceless party forced to carry its stillborn candidate to term."

The whole essay is beautifully written, but it's too long to repost,


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