Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump cancels tv ad spending in swing states; and declares war against his own party

Donald Trump has lost this election -- and his campaign knows it, even if he doesn't yet believe it.   Here's some evidence, posted Wednesday by blogger Mark NC on the site "News Corpse." 

Although there will continue to be a pretend campaign, the evidence is in that they know it's over.   The Trump campaign has cancelled or reduced its planned ad spending in eight swing states (Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, and Colorado).

Mark writes that "There are only two possible reasons for removing ad funds from these states:  1) The campaign is out of money. . . . [or] (2) There is no plausible path to victory."

The four latest national polls that were done largely after the "locker room talk tape" was released show Clinton with an average lead of 7%.   And that was still before debate #2 and its aftermath.

Donald Trump does not handle defeat well.   Remember what he told us at the beginning:  "When they hit me, I hit back harder."    Right now, he's going nuclear in his denunciation of the Republican party and those in it who are not supporting him.

But he will not let the Clintons walk away from his humiliating defeat without feeling his vengeance.  Ever since the Breitbart News guy Stephen Bannon was brought in as Trump's campaign CEO, and then David Bossie (the Jean Valjean pursuer of the Clintons from Whitewater and ever since) became assistant campaign manager, and with accused serial sexual abuser Roger Ailes and the odious Roger Stone lurking around in background advisory roles -- ever since, there's been speculation that this gang and Trump might start a media empire after the election is over.

Here's my prediction.   That is exactly what they will do, whether it's a television empire (which Ailes certainly knows how to create) or an online attack dog (which Bannon is a master of from Breitbart News).    And it's primary purpose will be to see that Hillary Clinton's presidency is every bit as difficult and ineffective as they can possibly make it.   Continued airing of made-up scandals, sewing the seeds of fear about the evils of the Clintons, and keeping the nativist, White Supremacist, Alt-Right crowd stirred up with red meat to nourish their animalistic paranoia, spreading doubt about the legitimacy of the "rigged" election.   Then there will come the 2018 midterms and then the 2020 election.

As they say:  "Hell hath no fury like a narcissist humiliated."


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