Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump refused to let his team do opposition research on him; so they knew nothing of the tape.

It is standard practice for a modern political campaign to do opposition research on its own candidate to find out what they will have to deal with;  because the other side will certainly find everything that's out there.  According to Bloomberg political reporter, Kevin Cirillo, both Corey Lindowski and Paul Manafort requested Trump's permission to do such a forensic search when each took over the campaign -- and he refused both times.

So, here they are, caught flat-footed by the sex-talk tape that surfaced last Friday.  And anything else that's now going to follow.   So far, a cascade of women -- at least ten so far and more are speaking out each day -- have confirmed:  Yes, Donald Trump did to me exactly what he bragged about doing on that tape.

"Indeed," Cirillo says, ". . . his political advisers still do not know the extent of the material his opponents may have prepared to mount against him."  The third, and current, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway also told Fox News, “There’s no way for me to know what is and isn’t out there.”

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