Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump campaign's fight with debate commission

The New York Times reported late Monday that Donald Trump is demanding that the co-chair of the Commission on Debates resign. This follows the "extraordinary backstage confrontation" on Sunday night between the Trump campaign and Commission co-chair Frank Fahrenkopf Jr., who blocked their plan to have the group of women, who accuse Bill Clinton of inappropriate sexual behavior, enter with the Trump family and sit in the family box.

This would have forced a confrontation between the women and Bill Clinton, following the tradition of family members shaking hands as they enter at the same time.  A surprise stunt was obviously designed by the Trump team to create maximum shock effect, just as viewers tune in world-wide.  It only de-escalated when Fahrenkopf, a Republican, threatened to call security to remove the women.  Eventually the Trump campaign relented.

Mr. Fahrenkopf, a former RNC chair, insisted that the the campaigns had agreed to the rules that only family members could sit in those seats.   They had also denied the Clinton's request that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill be seated in their box.

The article goes on to elaborate this as the latest in a string of gamesmanship from Trump and his campaign, with complaints about fairness, that the system is rigged against Trump, and during the debate that he wasn't getting equal time and had more interruptions from the moderators.   Fact check:   Trump actually spoke one minute longer than Clinton.  This fuels speculation that Trump is looking for an excuse to skip the last debate.


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